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On March 23, 1998, the Student Investment Fund (SIF) made its first transaction by purchasing 250 shares of Cohu and 215 shares of Tidewater. The value of the fund was $300,000.  Most of the monies were invested in a money market fund. The original investment policy was to purchase small cap under-valued securities. However, the combination of a terrible market for small caps, the inability to make quick decisions, and the rapid turnover of students soon convinced the students that they needed to invest in a somewhat more mature market. The result was a move to mid-cap and large-cap securities.

At the end of Spring 2013 semester, the SIF portfolio value crossed the $3 million threshold for the first time since its implementation in 1997. The portfolio is now valued at more than $6 million! The beneficiaries of the investment decisions made by TU students have been TU students. There have been approximately $1 million in scholarships awarded since SIF began. This provides the opportunity for current TU students to pay it forward to future TU students.

The future of the SIF is very bright. Friends of Finance, the organization that raises money for the SIF, is doing very well and is very committed to helping the SIF grow and improve the quality of the finance program.

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