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Impact of AI & ChatGPT event

"Thank you to tonight's panelists who covered a lot of ground on the impact of artificial intelligence and ChatGPT: Sean Alexander, former principal director of Microsoft and current TU trustee; Paul Tucker, chief information security and privacy officer, BOK; Damon DoRemus, chief information officer, JD Young; Toby Joplin, business management professor, TU; Zenia Kish, media studies professor, TU; and Brett McKinney, computer science professor, TU. The panelists discussed how AI is advancing quickly - and should not be ignored - in business, academics and more. ChatGPT should be viewed as a tool that can be used effectively and ethically if people are educated in how to properly harness its power.

The discussion and networking event was organized by @utulsaccb students and sponsored by @tulsachamber." - UTulsa

Thank you to Lydia Abebe, who organized this event.

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