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We are looking for students to join our team!

Director of Events and Trips Planning; $1,000 annual stipend,

Main duty: Planning events, banking tours, and logistics

What to do:- Plan and coordinate events and trips for the organization, including banking tours, speaker events, etc. - Work with other team members to create engaging and memorable experiences for participants - Manage logistics, including transportation, accommodations, and catering - New York Banking Tour every Fall

Who you are:- Good organizational and project management skills - Need to effectively communicate with team members, vendors, and event participants - Good in event planning and logistics, preferably in a financial context but not required - Ability to work under pressure and manage multiple priorities - Passion for creating unique and enjoyable experiences for others - Good attention to detail

The Benefits:- Opportunity to gain valuable experience in event planning and project management - Chance to work with a team of motivated and talented individuals - Opportunity to network with professionals in the financial industry through banking tours and other events - Develop valuable leadership and communication skills through managing a team and coordinating events

Director of Education and Career Preparation; $1,000 annual stipend,

Main duty: career prep. Help us get better job placements

What to do:- Develop and implement career preparation programs for students to help them achieve their career aspirations, including networking, resume writing, and interview skills - Foster relationships with companies and firms to provide internship and job opportunities for students - Plan and execute events and activities to support education and career preparation initiatives - Conduct mock interviews with interested students

Who you are:- Good communication skills and ability to engage with a variety of stakeholders, including students and employers - Knowledge of career preparation techniques and resources, including networking and resume writing (finance) - Passion for education and career development

The Benefits:- Opportunity to gain hands-on experience in education and career development - Chance to build relationships with companies and firms in the industry - Opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the career trajectories of TU students

If interested, email:

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