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Welcome Lydia Abebe, Head of Economic Research

"I am studying Economics with a concentration in Math and Business Analytics. I am specifically interested in uncovering educational disparities between majority and minority students through the application of Econometrics. I want to be a translator of the gold in Academic literature to real-world problems. I credit John List for depicting the value of being a translator of academic literature when he spoke at TU's Friends of Finance event."

How does a college student start the journey of becoming a translator? While awaiting John List's email answer to this question, I have brainstormed how I can begin the journey of becoming a translator with my Economics professor Mathew Hendricks and the directors of innovation at JOLT: Nathan Woolard and Claire Cornell. Through these discussions, I have identified my next steps. I look forward to interviewing professors at TU about their research and writing a compelling newsletter on the problems they are solving through their research. I hope to inform the TU community about the implication and value of their professors' research.

"I am excited to work with TU SIF & Finance Society because they share the same value of applying academic research to shed light on real-world problems. I also value their goal of creating opportunities for students to interact and network with banks and different firms".

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